Tamworth Pigs

Ireland no longer has native Irish pigs but the Tamworth is the closest we have so it is a very special treat to be able to see them here on Cape. Tamworth pigs are a hardy bunch will live well outside and don’t suffer from sunburn. They love rooting around and eating grass, their diet is mostly grass with some supplementary feed to ensure optimum health. The pigs roam around in the fields and they also have a cosy shed they can go in and out of day or night. The happy piggy is definitely a tasty pig, the rashers and sausages and hams from Mara Farm are so delicious and taste like pork should taste, people of a certain vintage will know what real home- reared pork tastes like and you can’t really buy that in a supermarket, but you can get it here and if you have never tried it then you should!