Kerry Cows

Other Kerry exports to Cape are the  Kerry Cows with their long white horns with black tips that stand out on the landscape. Kerry Cows were fast going into decline in Ireland but they are thriving here. These cows are a very special part of Ireland’s heritage. They are great dual purpose cows, in other words they produce creamy milk and tasty meat. The cows are small and hardy thriving on the wild grasses and herbage on the island. On a moonlit Easter Sunday night one of the cows had a bit of bother calving, the calf  turned every way except the right way and so as is common in situations like this, a meitheal of local farmers came to help out, Patrick C. Ó Drisceoil had a jack, he worked his magic ensuring the safe arrival of the calf. Fiona; like many farmers, has her own system of naming her calves, all are named  in alphabetical order and K was the next on the list,in honour of Patrick’s help with her arrival the calf was officially named Kirtap of The Glen Herd but she also responds to the name Kiri!